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Nader Naderpour, Iranian Poet, Thinker, Patriot By Farhad Mafie (Mellen Lives, V. 15)

Nader Naderpour was a nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature and a 1993 recipient of the Human Rights Watch Organization’s Hellman-Hammett Grant (awarded to writers in exile whose works are banned in their own homelands). Naderpour played a significant role in modern Iranian poetry and literature. He also contributed greatly to familiarizing Iranians with European literature and with Iran’s political history.

This book is a small step toward familiarizing non-Persian speakers with Naderpour, arguably most important Iranian twentieth-century poet. More than five million Iranians have left Iran since the 1979 revolution. Many of them were children at the time, and today are adults who in many cases cannot read Persian. For them, for the next generation, and for non-Iranians interested in contemporary poetry, this book provides an introduction to this great Iranian poet and at the same time explains much about the history, politics, and culture of Iran.

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Nader Naderpour

In my opinion, Naderpour’s poems are lasting poems. Undoubtedly, his works will be counted among the classics in the Persian language. By Dr. Ehsan Yarshater

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