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Mops and Pails @Work for Islamic Iran

“Clicking Without Thinking?

By Farhad Mafie, June 6, 2002

Since 1979, one of the key objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has been to destroy, neutralize, and defuse Iranian opposition forces in exile. Any way that the IRI can stop ANY potential threats against its barbaric Islamic system secures and prolongs its life. Its spectrum of activities ranges from murder to movies. Outside Iran IRI agents have arranged assassinations (hundreds of Iranians in the last 23 years) and hundreds of personal assaults against Iranian activists. In addition to murder or bloodshed, they even provide entertainment: They arrange concerts, economic conferences, cultural events, movie festivals, soccer games, etc. (all approved by the IRI, of course), to further neutralize the Iranian community in the West.

They cover all bases! Yes, they even use the Internet! They arrange petition-signing forums and email chains that, on the surface, appear perfectly appropriate and normal. But its goal is to further neutralize the Iranian community without harming the IRI.

Let’s look at one example:

After the September 11th tragedy, the U.S. Government decided to deny visas to Iranians in an effort to stop potential IRI-trained terrorists, agents, benefactors, and adherents from entering the U.S. Unfortunately, of course, visas are also being denied to decent and innocent Iranians trying to take refuge in the United States, to complete their education, to receive medical attention, or simply to visit loved ones.

Now, in an effort to capitalize on the situation, IRI agents in the West cloud the real issue and create a new one. They launch a petition campaign via their Web-based organizations intended to influence the U.S. to change its position. They appear to be serving the Iranian people, but in reality they are deceiving and duping innocent, naive Iranians. These Web-based organizations collect signatures or request people to send emails to U.S Government agencies to address the “issue” that was originally created by the IRI!

On the surface, their activities appear noble. They give Iranians in the West a good feeling that they are all doing something positive for their country and that they are exercising their democratic rights to fight discriminatory acts against Iranians. But:

  • They never initiate any petition protesting the fact that thousands of innocent Iranians are tortured daily in the IRI’s jails.
  • They never initiate any petition protesting human rights violations in Iran.
  • They never initiate any petition protesting the Islamic Government’s barbaric behavior against Iranian women, journalists, writers, thinkers, political activists, religious minorities, etc.
  • These noble organizations NEVER initiate any petition that questions or threatens their master, the IRI’s criminal government.

In other words, these organizations are designed to clean up IRI-created messes. Picture them with a mop in one hand and a pail full of water in the other hand, ready to clean up the next mess. All they are interested in is neutralizing and defusing the Iranian people in the West with activities that cause no threat to the IRI.

Yes, these pro-IRI organizations are successfully diverting the attention of Iranians in the United States away from the most important issues destroying Iran’s social, cultural, and economic infrastructure. Instead, they are focusing attention on side issues that are caused by—you guessed it!—the inept and pathetic Islamic Republic of Iran.

We would NOT have these issues in the first place if we had a decent and respectable government in Iran.

No patriotic Iranian appreciates discriminatory actions against innocent Iranians or against our beloved country, Iran. But following the paths that the IRI and its puppets in the West have created does not solve Iran’s problems. We can spend a lifetime collecting signatures and fighting against discriminatory actions against Iran and Iranians. This is exactly what the Mullahs and their sophisticated supporters in the West want.

Ask the petition-generating organizations why they never initiate petitions against the IRI and against its criminal activities that harm innocent Iranians. Their answer? Useless mumbo-jumbo such as:

  • “We are not a political organization.” (Ridiculous! As if issues concerning Iran and Iranians can be categorized as nonpolitical!)
  • “We love peace.” (As if whoever talks against the IRI and its criminal activities hates peace!)
  • “We don’t like violence.” (As if everyone against the IRI is for violence!)
  • “We are fighting discrimination against Iranian-Americans.” (Ridiculous! As if the REAL cause of discrimination were Americans or the American Government, not the IRI. And now these noble characters are coming to rescue Iranian-Americans!)

Their statements are designed to present a dog-and-pony show, hide their true motives, and divert the attention of Iranian-Americans away from the IRI.

These organizations send emails and faxes to U.S. politicians and U.S. Government agencies, they collect signatures against the “issues” that the IRI has created, and through it all, they still consider themselves nonpolitical organizations!

Iran and Iranians have been suffering politically, economically, socially, religiously, and culturally under one of the most corrupt and inhuman governments that mankind has ever experienced. We can fill out petitions on a daily basis, and we can argue with the whole world that “Iranian” does not automatically identify a supporter of the Islamic Government. But that will not solve our number-one problem, the corrupt IRI government.

Getting Iranian-Americans involved in and busy with clean-up activities is exactly what the IRI wants, and this is exactly what the IRI-supporting organizations in the West are doing.Just as Iranians inside Iran have to work at three jobs to meet their basic needs, the IRI would like to keep Iranian-Americans busy with useless clean-up activities or with concerts, conferences, gatherings, etc., arranged by pro-IRI organizations.

The more effectively they can divert Iranian-Americans from the main issues, the longer the corrupt IRI government will last.

Please …

Before you sign the next petition, before you forward the next email of an Iran-related petition to others, please check the Web sites of the originating petition. Do its sponsors support any petitions that question the IRI’s barbaric system? Watch for organizations that promote neutrality, that claim they are not political, etc. They are simply trying to neutralize Iranian-Americans who care, people who are willing to voice their opinions.

On a daily basis, Iran’s sovereignty and Iranians’ rights are being violated, thanks to the incompetence of the leaders of Islamic Iran. Say NO to the IRI. Say NO to IRI agents in the U.S. And say NO to the dark forces that, unfortunately, now rule our beloved country.

And finally …

We all live outside of Iran because of the barbaric Islamic system. Let’s not forget or forgive the real enemy of Iran and the Iranian people. Let’s not be duped into quickly accepting a petition or an email on its face value. “Clicking without thinking” will only help the ruling dark forces and prolong the life of IRI ruthless government.

Iran deserves much more! So do you! And so do all of us!

June 6th is Nader Naderpour’s birthday.
This article is dedicated to this great Iranian poet and thinker.

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