November 1998

The Bright Horizon - by Ahmad Shamloo, Translated by: Farhad Mafie, November 1998

One day we will find our doves once again
Kindness will hold beauty's hand

The day when the least ode is a kiss
And each man
for other man
is like a brother
The day when people no longer close the doors to their homes
Locks are myths
and the heart
is enough for living

The day when the meaning of every word is loving
when for the last expression you don't have to look for the words

The day when the euphony of every word is life
when I don't have to suffer to find rhyme for the ending of my poems
The day when every lip is a lyric
when the least ode is a kiss

The day when you arrive, you arrive for good
And kindness and beauty become one
The day when we spread grain for our doves once again

I am waiting for such a day
Even if
on that day
I am not here

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